FabCo Welding, LLC completes heavy equipment repair projects in Boise, ID and surrounding areas. Your commercial and industrial equipment will function like new when we're done repairing it.

Whether you need a metal trailer, tractor or rock crusher repaired, we can handle it. You can count on us to repair all of your broken commercial and industrial equipment in a timely manner.

We can apply a layer of abrasion-resistant material to your metal equipment, as well. This process is known as hard surfacing and is designed to extend the life of your equipment. It reduces the wear and tear that results from the handling of abrasive materials.

Schedule a heavy equipment repair appointment today by contacting us at 208-830-0854 today.

Repair your recycling center equipment regularly

FabCo Welding does recycling equipment repair work in the Boise, ID area.

Recycling centers use metal equipment to break down other metals. This can lead to extreme wear and tear on the recycling equipment. We can keep your recycling machines running smoothly year-round by replacing the knives on your equipment as needed.

Get started on your recycling equipment repair project. We'll make sure your recycling machines work safely and effectively.